About me:

Much of my adolescence was spent obsessing over exciting stories in film, television, and comics: At the age of five my child brain exploded as I watched Luke Skywalker fight in heroic adventures among the stars in Star Wars; at age thirteen I marveled at beautiful animation as the air, earth, water, and fire wielding monk Aang underwent a mythic journey of self-discovery in Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender; and at age twenty-one spent many nights with eyes glued to comic panels as an ex-superhero named Jessica Jones battled dangerous foes and personal demons in Brian Michael Bendis’s Alias.

For years my passion towards these forms of entertainment stayed within me, only shared amidst the company of friends; this soon changed while earning my degree in communications and theater minor at the University of Southern Maine. I became a staff writer at the university’s newspaper The Free Press facing my fears in reviewing horror films like The Babadook and gleefully watching superhero movies such as Logan which allowed me to share my passions with my peers on a regular basis. During the summer of 2016 I also volunteered at Maine-based paper The Times Record reviewing Theater at Monmouth’s productions such as Love’s Labour’s Lost.

I’m a recent graduate of the Goldring Arts Journalism Program at Syracuse University and hope to use the entertainment obsessed child within to bring insight to readers.